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Harlan Coben on The FIVE

The FIVE: a 10-part British drama TV series broadcasted on Sky1 (UK) and Canal+ (France). The 5 was written by the 54-year-old writer Harlan Coben. The crime author, H Coben, has sold 60 million novels across the world.

“I didn’t want to do something where I was just selling them the idea because I’ve done that before with books where they take the idea, and it ends up being not what I would have wanted it to be… So I watched every audition tape. I was in every casting decision. They sent me the rushes and I watched them like a rabbinical student with the Talmud. I called them back going ‘I don’t like this, I like that’.” Harlan Coben (The Independant)

The Five: Revisiting a tragedy from the past


“The Five” is about a group of five children, one of whom disappears (Jesse), with the story picking up 20 years later when his friends are all grown up and the mystery resurfaces.

Starring: Tom Cullen, Lee Ingleby, O. T. Fagbenle, Lee Boardman, Sarah Solemani, Honeysuckle Weeks, Hannah Arterton, Michael Maloney, Geraldine James and Jonathan Kerrigan.


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