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Like words, numbers are here, there and everywhere… No one takes care of these signs…

This project started in 2005 with a first Blog talking about numbers. We posted more than 400 articles, each one emphasising a particular number. We classified these posts with key word metadata allowing the construction of an evolutive hierarchical system that categorizes information in different thematics.

In 2008, our research was presented in the International Congress of the German Semiotic Society (Stuttgart). Published in a global research focusing on numbers in contemporary use “Numbers as signs of economy and enterprises” By SVH, South West German Publishing House (Saarbrücken, 2009) in “Products, Pennies and Promotions” (ISBN No. 978-3-8381-0721-9).


Now, our semiotic research continues online with “n4mb3rs.com”, a creative review talking about numbers in contemporary use (Branding, Marketing, Entertainment, Visual identities, Advertising, History, Art, Strategy, Design, Typography, Sport…). Above understanding and explaining numbers, N4mb3rs can be used as a new tool for learning.

N4mb3rs was launched in 2015 by Mehdi Chourou. MC is a semiotician, researcher and visual artist. He presented several lectures at the University of Helsinki, Stuttgart, Lyon, Brest and Tunis. He took part to the Bauhaus 9090 Exhibition (1919- 2009) with “Intuitive Constructions, Asymptotic Perceptions”. Mehdi occupied different positions: Web Editor (Hi-Media Group), Communication Expert (Global Fund, NABES, UNDP), Executive Director (TUNCPH), Project Manager (Harvard), Executive Director (#Lagence E-reputation Communication Agency)…

Please share your numbers with our team!