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Robért Pires, Alexander Pato, Manolo Garrincha, George Best, Bryan Robson, Eric Cantona, Luis Figo, Raúl González, Andrei Shevchenko, David Villa, Cristiano Ronaldo…


What do they have in common? They are all considered as legends of Football, they have all played a crucial role in turning number 7 to a mythological shirt number in the history of Football. The Shirt number seven also has a long and glorious history with many privileges that contribute to making the number recognized with references on the soccer pitch.

Number seven: Cristiano Ronaldo’s love story


Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid Star joined his current club ahead of 2009, he joined The Spanish legend Raul Gonzales in leading the club’s strike and they were amazing in achieving good results in La Liga. Ronaldo wore the mythical Shirt number 7, however Raul The Club’s Captain was wearing Ronaldo’s Favorable number so he took The nine in his First Season.

Cristiano Ronaldo No 9 (Victor R. Caivano)

He said once during a press conference that The “9” make him feel uncomfortable while playing and he is already missing his lucky number “7”, that declaration/joke was an indirect reason of “licensing” Raul Gonzales from Real Madrid because Ronaldo Became the spoiled boy of Florentino Perez and he got The “7” in 2010.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s new business

After establishing its own underwear and shirt brand CR7, the world’s richest famous player decided to have its own hotels. The 30 year’s old player has a close relationship with CEO of Pestana International hotels chain “Dionisio Pestana”, so he is ready now to invest $40 million in which it will turn him to an executive shareholder in Pestana Hotels.

As a matter of Fact, Cristiano Ronaldo has changed the hotels chains’ Brand name to CR7. And now, we are witnessing the new CR7 Holding owned by the talented Portuguese Footballer.

Real Madrid (2009-2016): Cristiano Ronaldo surpasses 350 goals

Euro 2106 ends in tears

CR will rise again….

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