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This graphic resemblance between signs (0 / O) is used in the construction of the following ad :


Advertising Agency: Gosh!, Singapore
Art Director: Trevor Gosh
Copywriter: Cheelip Gosh
Photographer: SoonTong Calibre

This ad is composed by three elements: a random list of numbers, a text explaining the rules of interaction and the icon of the product Himalaya pure herbs Brahmi. In the first part, the advertiser replaced one zero by a capitalised O.

« Spot the odd one out » is the ordeal ‘épreuve’ proposed to the receiver with a double sanction:


Positive sanction: if he identifies the intruder in less than eight seconds
Negative sanction: for exceeding the time limit

Competence… Performance… Sanction

By searching this letter, the receiver is involved directly in the construction of signification and the staging of information. And the product ‘Himalaya Brahmi’ is the solution that can be used to improve his competence for a better and a faster performance.
This ad is based on a “narrative program” (Algirdas-Julien Greimas)


This narrative program is set on a “manipulation”, in the terms of Greimas; this operation is a sort of ‘contract’ based on the activity of a manipulating subject (manipulator) on another operating subject (manipulated) aimed at making the operating subject execute (causative modality) a specific program, here the search of ‘O’ letter.


10th line from the bottom on the right side between the numbers 8 and 3.

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Editor in Chief Mehdi Chourou