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A Brief History of Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day in the US

62% of adults say they celebrate the holiday.
25% of Americans eat out (VDay is the second most popular dining holiday after Mother’s Day).
286.56 dollars: the average dinner on Valentine’s Day
442 million dollars spent on candy the week before February 14.
58 million pounds of chocolate candy bought during VDay week.
36 million heart-shaped chocolate boxes sold for the holiday.
150 million Valentine’s Day cards and gifts sent.
8.6 million dollars spent on sparkling wine.
24% of Americans purchase flowers or plants as gifts
15% of American women will send themselves flowers on Valentine’s Day.
11.000: Average number of children who are conceived each year on V-Day.
Sex is is an important part of Valentine’s Day for 85% of Americans.
220.000: Average number of proposals on VDay each year.

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