The Number House

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Architecture By Matsunami Mitsutomo

Ready-built house with facades that look like numbers by Japanese studio Mitsutomo Matsunami Architect & Associates. The project was completed in May 2007 in Ibaraki, Osaka (Japan).


“In many cases, as the appearance is coordinated at the designation of the owner, rows of houses that do not necessity match aesthetically are created. In order to overcome this 4 units are created together at Hozumidai to appear as one building by design, carrying out a strong message to the town”, said the designer.

3523… 352E…


Site area: 75.91 m2 (1 of 4 buildings)

Built-up area: 40.79 m2 (1 of 4 buildings)

Total floor area: 12.04 m2 (1 of 4 buildings)

Why 3523 or 352E? Building number? Adress? Hidden meaning?… Actually we don’t know.

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