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Jack Daniel’s No. 7

Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7…

Why number seven? Nobody knows…

Jack Daniel’s lucky number? The train number 7 carried his barrels… Mr. Jack honored a friend who owned 7 stores that distributed Jack’s liquor… JD had 7 girlfriends? According to the Jack Daniel’s official website: “Only Mr. Jack knows”.


An explanation from Peter Krass (Jack Daniel biographer) : “Jack was originally assigned a district tax assessment number of 7. But when the IRS consolidated districts within Tennessee, they arbitrarily assigned him the number 16. Mr. Jack didn’t want to confuse his consumers and he certainly didn’t want to bend to the government, so he began labeling his bottles “Old No. 7.”

Jack Daniel’s No. 27


Number 27 refers to Jack Daniel’s No. 7

“Crafted to the same standards as Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7, Jack Daniel’s No. 27 Gold earns its name from the double barreling and double mellowing.”


7 x 2 = 27

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