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Catch 44

Catch .44: action movie filmed in Shreveport (LA.), written and directed by Aaron Harvey (Furla Films, 2011). Three bad girls heading out on I-40 to hi-jack a coke deal.

Starring: Bruce Willis, Shea Whigham, Nikki Reed, Brad Dourif, Forest Whitaker, Malin Akerman and Deborah Ann Woll.

Catch 44??

The number 44 has no particular meaning.

Catch 22

Catch 22 is “an ​impossible ​situation where you are ​prevented from doing one thing until you have done another thing that you cannot do until you have done the first thing”. (Cambridge University Press)


This term was introduced by Jospeph Heller novel ‘Catch 22‘ (1961). The number 22 has no particular significance.

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