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Guerrilla Marketing

Let’s focus on Guerrilla marketing, unconventional system of promotion used on non traditional media (here, the lift).

Communication Agency: Duval Guillaume (Belgium)
Creative Director: Geoffrey Hantson, Dirk Domen
Copywriter: Kristof Snels
Art Director: Sebastien De Valck
Designer: Niki Desiron


Weight Watchers

In this campaign of Weight Watchers, the use of this combinations of numbers on the scale, which can be read in different ways (added, subtracted, divided, kilos lost or regained) suggests the idea of diets that never lead to any stable and 24 reliable effect. Hence the ‘yo yo’ definition.

KG without numbers means that YOU are in control of your weight and YOU decide how much you want or do not want to lose. If you control the numbers you are no more dependent on them. If others control them you risk to follow a useless diet.

Sport Batel Gym

Targeting businessmen and women, Fuego Comunicação Criativa (Communication Agency, Brazil) placed stickers in elevators of commercial buildings. The sticker made the floor panel work like a weight scale, with the floor numbers, converted into kilograms.


Creative Directors: Renato Kadota
Creative Team: Renato Kadota
Agency producer: Marcio Passos

Elevator Ads

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