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Thamanyah By Ahmed Abdelrahman

Thamanyah‘ means eight in arabic.
8 was created in 2011 by Ahmed Abdelrahman (United Arab Emirates). The fashion designer was inspired by the eight-pointed star and his 8 brothers and sisters.


Eight questions for Thamanyah

  1. What was the inspiration behind your Fall 2015 collection?
  2. Who inspires you today?
  3. You presented your collection in the Marlene Dietrich suite at Hotel Lancaster in Paris. Why did you choose that suite?
  4. For whom are you designing?
  5. You once said to Business of Fashion that, “Nature seems to be an eternal source of inspiration.” Please elaborate.
  6. Have you ever regretted something?
  7. What’s the story behind your friendship with Rick Owens’ partner, Michele Lamy?
  8. So, what’s next?


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