The Military Olympics

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If watching the Rio Olympics 2016 doesn’t suit your taste, you may want to check out The Russian War Games…

REUTERS/Maxim Zmeyev
REUTERS/Maxim Zmeyev

Russia’s International Army Games 2016


The International Army Games take place, this year, in Khazakstan and Russia from July 30 to August 13. The Russian Defence Minister General of the Army, Sergei Shoigu, has opened the Games.


“For many soldiers, specialists in particular, peacetime can present what we call unrealised professional syndrome. They train all their life for something and they never test their skills. These competitions between crews give them a chance to feel they are the best at what they do and in particular the focus is important in support and combat support staff, such as cooks”, said Igor Sutyagin, Russian military expert (the London-based Royal United Services Institute). Newsweek

The war games are like the Olympics, but with Tank Biathlon, Masters of Artillery fire, Seaborn assault, Gunsmith master, Maintenance battalion, Military medical relay race, Airborne platoon and Sniper frontier.


The War Games by the numbers: 121 teams from 19 countries

Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Venezuela, Angola, Belarus, Egypt, Iran, Azebaijan, Zimbabwe, Armenia, Mongolia, India, Serbia, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Nicaragua, Tajikistan, Greece, South Africa, Vietnam and Morocco are the countries participating in the International Army Games 2016. Greece is the only NATO country to take part to the Games.


Israel, Germany, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Myanmar, Austria, Namibia, Indonesia and Cuba are the 9 observer countries.

3000 military personnel are competing in 14 disciplines and 23 competitions.



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