NYC’s Building Numbers

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New York Numbers

Nick DiLallo (Associate Creative Director, McCann New York) launched on March 2014 a very cool photography project on Instagram called “New York Numbers“.

“My project highlights that diversity through its numbers and the different ways they’re arranged, painted, drawn, tiled, posted, glued, and carved. Each number on its own stands for something: a street address, an apartment, a measurement for a construction crew”. Nick DiLallo

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Different, styles, textures, typography, fonts… reflective of the incredible diversity that defines New York City.

Numbers are the Focus…

“Most of the times when we see numbers, they represent pieces of information (…) By photographing the numbers around NYC without much context, I’m able to strip away some of the information and get a little bit closer to the numbers as they exist in pure mathematics (…) The numbers themselves are the focus, not the information they’re conveying”. Nick DiLallo (BooYorkCity)


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NYC: Diversity and Design

Une photo publiée par @newyorknumbers le



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