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Day 36

Day 36 is a Digital Agency, Band and Singing Institute in Uruguay created by Federico Revello.

Why 36?

Federico Revello (a U2 fan from Uruguay) decided to move to Ireland to finish writing his album Holding All These empty letters.

36… 360

36 Days to Work for U2 360 Tour


Day 1: The Hanover
Day 2: Principal Management
Day 3: The Clarence Hotel
Day 4: Where the Streets have non name
Day 5: U2 in Youtube
Day 6: Stuck in a moment
Day 7: Emailing World Editors
Day 8: All I want is You
Day 9: Holding all empty letters
Day 10: Walk on
Day 11: Sometimes you can’t make it on your own
Day 12: One
Day 13: Breath
Day 14: Elevation
Day 15: All because of You

Day 16: No Line on the Horizon
Day 17: Unknown caller
Day 18: I will Follow
Day 19: Is that all
Day 20: Mysterious Ways
Day 21: Seconds
Day 22: Golden Eye
Day 23: With or Without You
Day 24: Magnificient
Day 25: Even Better than the Real Thing
Day 26: I still haven’t found what I’m Looking 4
Day 27: Out of Control
Day 28: One step closer
Day 29: Another Day
Day 30: Desire
Day 31: Treasure
Day 32: Don’t give up
Day 33: Vertigo
Day 34: Boomerang
Day 35: Touch
Day 36: 360

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