Earth overshoot day 2016

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We have used up nature’s budget for the entire year

August 8th 2016 is Earth overshoot day. We have already spent Earth’s ecological budget for the year. To continue living like this, we need 1.6 planets.

The Earth overshoot day is marked each year since 1971 by the international think tank Global Footprint Network. The overshoot Day is determined by dividing our planet’s biocapacity by humanity’s ecological footprint and then multiplying by 365.

“From Monday August 8, we will be living on credit because in 8 months we would have consumed the natural capital that our planet can renew in a year”, said Pascal Canfin (WWF).

How many earths do we need…

… If the world’s population lived like


How many countries are required…

… To meet the demand of its citizens


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