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9Lives is a brand of cat food (Big Heart Pet Brands) introduced in 1959.

9Lives has two varieties of products: wet food (Hearty Cuts, Meaty Paté and Tender Morsels) and dry food (Plus Care, Daily Essentials, Indoor Complete, Long Life Formula and Lean & Tasty)

Morris the mascot

Morris was discovered in 1968 and becam the 9Lives spokescat. He is the Clark Gable of cats. He promoted kindness to animals by launching Morris’ Million Cat Rescue in order to save animals in need of a forever home.

Why nine?


The number nine refers to the common myth that cats have 9 lives.

Cats don’t really have nine lives… Like the rest of us, they only have one.

Nine is a mystic and magic number and this could be partly why cats are attributed with having 9 lives. No 9 is concidered as a lucky number. It refers also to the “Nine Bows” (ennemies of Egypt), the nine influencers in Indian astrology, the nine forms of the Chinese dragons…

An old English proverb states: “A cat has nine lives. For 3 he plays, for 3 he strays, and for the last he stays”.

Cats have seven or nine lives?


How many lives do cats have in your country?

In the US, UK, Australia, Russia, China, France… cats have nine lives.

In Islamic culture, in Spain, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Mexico and Brazil cats have seven lives. Like number nine, seven is a special number too. It refers to: the seven heavens, the seven deadly signs, the 7 continents, the 7 seas, the 7 kings of Rome, the 7 sages of Greece, the 7 hills of Istanbul…

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