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Boards of Canada

Boards of Canada are an electro music duo of Scottish brothers (Mike Sandison and Marcus Eoin Sandison).

The group has been releasing electronic psychedelia music since the mid-1990s.


“One technique we like is to create entirely new instruments by sampling ourselves performing on real instruments and then destroying the sounds. So we’ll maybe spend days just playing various things, wind instruments, strings, guitars, bass, synths, for hours into the samplers and then feeding those sounds through stacks of destructive hardware and resampling them to make unrecognizable new sounds.” (Boards of Canada, NY Times)



Hi Scores (Skam Records, 2014)
EP Bundle (Warp, 2013)
Tomorrow’s Harvest (Warp, 2013)
Geogaddi (Warp, 2007)
Trans Canada Highway (Warp, 2006)
The Campfire Headphase (Warp, 2005)
Twoism (Warp, 2002)
In a beautiful place out in the country (Warp, 2000)
Music has the right to children (Warp, 1998)

Seven Fourty Seven

Seven Fourty Seven refers to the Boeing 747 aircraft…

5. 9. 78

What does “Five – Nine – Seventy Eight” stand for?
We don’t know…
It may refer to events related to the 5th of september 1978…

“We realized that there are some people who would listen to our records but instead of listening to the music they would start looking for some hidden things immediately… People will look for secret things (…) even if there aren’t any.” Boards of Canada


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