From the air: Jeffrey Milstein

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A photo illustration by Sinelab from an image by Jeffrey Milstein depicts an aerial view of Cessna 182 over New Jersey to honor homebuilder NVR. This picture was used 4 Fortune’s Magazine cover No. 498.

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Jeffrey Milstein: stunning bird’s-eye shots

Born in Bronx in 1944, Jeffrey Milstein is a graphic designer, architect, photographer and pilot.

International Photography Award interview with JM:

IPA: When did you discover your passion for photography?
“In 1969, I got a camera and started photographing iconic places in New York like Coney Island.”
IPA: Explain your style in 100 words
“My style is influenced by Bernd and Hilla Becher’s black and white architectural studies: geometrical, symmetrical and classically balanced.”
IPA: Name 5 photographers who have inspired you
“Jay Maisel, Howard Schatz, Arnold Newman, Stephen Shore, Edward Burtynsky, and Robert Polidori.”
IPA: What role does the photographer have in society?
“Documenting history and making us see our world in new ways.”

Statue of Liberty from helicopter

Universal Studios Hollywood – shot from a helicopter

Une photo publiée par Jeffrey Milstein (@jeffreymilstein) le

Stuyvesant town housing (NYC)


Carnival sensation cruise #cruiseship #carnival #carnivalsensation

Une photo publiée par Jeffrey Milstein (@jeffreymilstein) le



Dodger stadium from a helicopter. #dodgerstadium

Une photo publiée par Jeffrey Milstein (@jeffreymilstein) le

Museum of Natural History

Empire State Building

Metropolitan Museum
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