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What happens 24 Hours after drinking a beer?

First few minutes

Within minutes of taking a sip the alcohol travels to your stomach where it is absorbed into your bloodstream, it then travels all over your body including to your brain and around your muscles.

10 minutes

Your body sees the alcohol as a poison and it doesn’t want to store it, aiming to get rid of it as  quickly as possible.

15 minutes


Your stomach now is trying to remove the alcohol. It’s producing an enzyme called alcohol dehydrogenase which converts the alcohol into chemicals. Next, it’s converted into acetic acid and finally into fatty acids and water.

20 minutes

You start to feel the alcohol affecting you after 20 minutes: feelings of happiness, a light head…

45 minutes

Your alcohol level will peak…

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+ 60 minutes


As alcohol is a diuretic, You’ll likely need to go to the toilet often.

If you stop drinking you’re likely to feel sleepy or crash out.

Drunk sleep is poor quality due to your body being dehydrated.

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12-24 hours


When you awake you’ll likely feel one of the many symptoms of a hangover: dizziness, paleness, headaches, thirst, tremors…

Your body will still be trying to deal with any excess alcohol in your system.

Hangover remedies


Water + Exercice + Sex!

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